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1-Pokana 69 za pechat cvetno

1969: Another World is Possible – Alternative Evening with Music and Poetry to Honor the Anniversary of Radosveta Krastanova

- an alternative evening with a musical-poetic Jem performance and a DJ set

The party is organized in honor of our incredible friend Radosveta Krastanova, co-founder of the Network Place for Future, and the occasion is precisely her jubilee!
Come to celebrate together!

1-Pokana 69 za pechat cvetno

When first cosmonauts captured for the first time our planet from the outside, a new world was conceived – globally fragile and threatened by extinction, but endowed with the alternative of becoming what we have always been called to be, but we have never been . The alternative hope for our future, conceived in 68, after 9 months, was born and embodied in the bodies, in the souls and in the spirit of a whole generation – 69 – the first generation of the Earth – home, of the planet –  global village – who had the chance to live without the millennial fetters of our ancestors, the first generation to bear in their blood the alternative of a future with a human face, given as a chance for all people without exception.

To recall the one – the human – the person Radosveta Krastanova of this incredible generation 1 half a century after her birth we will dive together in the spirit of the alternative culture and spirituality of freedom, personality, dignity and love we grew up with – the alternative horizonts in alternative music, poetry, play and a soul from the late 1960s to the present.

And everyone in the world is invited!


Nemo, Rumen Spassov – guitar, John Stamatov – bass, Peter Dimitrov – guitar
Emil Valev – co-founder of “Violet General”
Tsvetelin Ivov and Kristian Iliev – Stand Up Comedy Club
Vladimir Ivanova, Petar Kanev, Alexander Ivanov, Vassil Peskov – poems
dj gothprice – music
Host: Elitsa Stefanova

Also Place for Future, New Nonsocial Poetry and Human Library have prepared a special surprise.