Cultures and civilizations in human history – a lecture by Peter Kanev

Serious and unfavorable survival environment developed the first humans in them new skills – their ingenuity and inventiveness intensified complexity and tenacity and stamina reachable unique levels. Culture and imagination more developed and acquired a new kind of character uniquely complex system. Culture became part of human biology of the human genetic code . Qualities such as creativity, observation , mind, ability to communicate and to find reconciliation, faithfulness and dedication , empathy and compassion , “big heart” and intelligent expression of the rich emotions that move (such as love , joy and sadness , for example) , eloquence and the ability to tell engaging stories and incredible story becomes more and more popular in finding a spouse . So over a millennia of natural selection in the field of marriage and family are just these new cultural qualities to spread and evolved biologically , genetically inherited human communities ( ie , the mind Edgar Morin defining man as “bio- cultural merits” – our cultural human qualities are biologically inherited , they have become genetically specified part of the nature of our species ) .

The highlight of this human development , according to Attenborough , consisted in the ability to put yourself in the place of another being , imagine that you are a creature (I’m Your ) to get under his skin . Imagination , ingenuity and communication with other beings more evolved human radical persistence and will, thought , culture, myths and rituals , feelings , dreams and consciousness. So one might already provide through imaginary fusion with other creatures , their behavior , emotions, reactions and actions. This gave him an invisible and unique compass – an incredible milestone and connection with the environment in which they live. To this day, this ability to ” mystical empathy with” the world ( in the words of anthropologist Franz Boaz ) and empathy for each other creature ( sympathy , compassion entry in the position of others) remains one of the most unique , most amazing , at our human qualities of our human nature .

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