Kalin Nenov

Kalin Nenov – coordinator of the virtual campaign of Place for Future, translator, editor

Civic activity

: core member of the Human Library Foundation, creator and coordinator of MREDJAN (a civic action network), participant in “Ecological and practical” (a Bulgarian educational website)

Civic experience: volunteer in Green Balkans, For the Earth (Za Zemiata), For the Nature; participant in over 500 international environmental electronic campaigns; “specializes” in forest protection, climate change, and the role of personal choices

Occupation: translator, student

Academic qualifications: BA in English Language and Culture at NBU; currently doing a Master’s degree in Translation, again at NBU – European masters in translation also there.

Professional and non-professional experience:

here (in Bulgarian only)

Two words: connect, holism

Contact: kalin.nenov in gmail.com

МиниизображениеKalin NENOV (NBU, Shtastlivetsa)

The Human Library – Alternative Culture and Society of XXI Century 

lecture at the Traveling university and Summer school for sustainable regional development ‘Place for Future: Chiprovtsi 2013′ 3-9 June 2013 Chiprovtsi, Bulgaria

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