Teodor Vasilev, NC Future Now in Gudevitsa Village – A New Culture of Education for Children

Seminar: ‘The Erasmus generation: sustainable development, volunteering and the new postmaterialist culture’: Teodor VASILEV (NC Future Now and Shtastlivetsa Civic Association, Sofia) in theTrinoga Association for Sustainable Development – in Daskalovata Kashta in Zhelen, host Filip Kirilov.

Seminar at the International Spring University Europe on the Go — Cityzen’s Enpowerment and Sustainable Development in Chiprovtsi 2014 May, organized by Shtastlivetsa Civic Assotiacion and Place for Future Interdisciplinary Education Network with support of Friedrich Ebert Foundation Sofia and French Institute Bulgaria.

For the fifth consecutive year, Shtastlivetsa Sofia Civic Association is organizing and executing in the town of Chiprovtsi a travelling university of the interdisciplinary educational network “Place for Future.” Participants are students from different Еuropean universities, representatives of civic, humanitarian and environmental organizations, academics and researchers from academic institutions from Bulgaria, France, Germany, Poland and Slovakia. The theme of the spring school is Traveling Europe: Citizens Empowerment and Sustainable Development.

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