Vera PETKANCHIN and dr. Desislava ALEKSOVA – The Civic Green Movement in Bulgaria from 2005 until 2014: Successes, Problems and Perspectives for Citizens’ Empowerment’

Seminar at the International Spring University Europe on the Go — Cityzen’s Enpowerment and Sustainable Development in Chiprovtsi 2014 May, organized by Shtastlivetsa Civic Assotiacion and Place for Future Interdisciplinary Education Network with support of Friedrich Ebert Foundation Sofia and French Institute Bulgaria.

Desislava ALEKSOVA, International Business School Botevgrad, Bulgarian Chamber of Tourism and ‘Shtatlivetsa’ Civic Association 

Vera PETKANCHIN, Coalition ” For the Nature in Bulgaria” and ‘Shtatlivetsa’ Civic Association 

For eight years now, Shtastlivetsa Sofia Civic Association has organized interdisciplinary events, lectures, seminars, student practices and internships, film screenings, debates, artistic happenings—all dedicated to the new paradigm of sustainable development, eco-humanism, new science, alternative culture and education, innovative forms of democracy and civic participation, ecology and creating a quality environment for everyone. Thus, as the years roll by, we have been weaving, like a Chiprovtsi carpet, the Place for Future education network, a community drawing its inspiration and invigoration from a young tradition: the international travelling universities in the Municipality of Chiprovtsi and the region of Western Stara Planina.

The Chiprovtsi 2014 European interdisciplinary university focuses on these problems, since we can no longer hide from them. They flood us from all directions: they cry from Gezy Park, from downtown Madrid, Athens, Paris and London, from every part of Germany, Poland and Hungary, from Rosia Montana in Romania and Eagles’ Bridge in Sofia, from the everyday concerns of people in cities such as Dijon, Grenoble, Banská Bystrica, Krakow and Chiprovtsi, from across the EU.


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