Nikolay SIRAKOV – The oldest human remains in Europe (Homo erectus dating from 1.6 million years ago)


Visiting the Kozarnika cave near the village of Oreshets (near Belogradchik), where 3 years ago a paleoarchaeologist team found the oldest human remains in Europe (Homo erectus dating from 1.6 million years ago). Lecture by prof. Nikolay SIRAKOV (National Institute of Archaeology with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences). Looking around the cave led by the discoverers Mrs. Aleta GUADELLIUniversity of Bordeaux IV Montesquieu,, Prof. Jean-Luc Guadelli‘s Wife, and prof. SIRAKOV

(in Bulgarian language)

Seminar at the International Spring University Europe on the Go – Cityzen’s Enpowerment and Sustainable Development in Chiprovtsi 2014 May, organized by Shtastlivetsa Civic Assotiacion and Place for Future Interdisciplinary Education Network with support of Friedrich Ebert Foundation Sofia and French Institute Bulgaria:

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