M. Xavier Lapeyre DE CABANES, Regine SCHUBERT, Gilles ROUET, Radosveta KRASTANOVA – Spring University Europe on the Go Official Closing Chiprovtsi 2014

Ofiicial Closing Dabates of the Spring University at Chiprovtsi Municipality (Ceremonial Hall): Radosveta Krastanova (Shtastlivetsa Civic Association, New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria),

Ofiicial Closing of the Spring University 

Anatoli Parvanov (Mayor of Chiprovtsi), Regine Schubert (Director of Friedrich Ebert Foundation – Sofia), Gilles Rouet (French Institute SofiaMatej Bel University, Banska Bystricá, Slovakia), , official guest: the French Ambassador in Bulgaria, M. Xavier Lapeyre DE CABANES:

Ofiicial Closing of the Spring University:  Petar Kanev (Place for Future Education NetworkInstitute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), Serge Dufoulon (Pierre-Mendès-France University, Grenoble, France), Frank Dubois (University of Burgundy, Dijon, FranceMaison des Sciences de l’Homme de Dijon, France):

* * *

Certificates for all partcipants in the Spring University Europe on the Go Chiprovtsi 2014:



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