PROGRAM OF THE ROUND TABLE “Sofia 2020: Urban Mobility from the Past or from the Future?” 16-18 April 2018 – Crowd-In Project



Sofia 2020: Urban Mobility from the Past or from the Future?

16-18 April 2018


Location: GENERATOR, inside the former Vitosha Factory (47 Cherni Vrah Blvd., Sofia)

14.30: Official opening of the round table, introductions and greetings:

15.00: Petar Kanev and Marie Jégu present the goals of the round table and its participants.

15.20: Dr. Kliment Ivanov, Dr. Valeri Lichev and members of Shtastlivetsa and Place for Future – the interdisciplinary approach and the purpose of working in non-conventional heterogeneous groups.

15.30: Marie Jégu and Silke Steinberg present the I-MaP Project: goals, targets, perspective, participants, and partners.

15.50: Ivan Velkov, Martin Zaimov, and Angel Burov (Union of Urban Planners in Bulgaria) – problems in planning a sustainable urban environment and mobility in Sofia.

16.10: Radost Marinova (chair of Bike Evolution Civic Association) and Veselin Kirev (Civic Initiative for Public Railroad Transportation) – controlling authority: the purpose of public monitoring and civil participation in decision-making processes.

16.30: Brainstorm and working in groups. Identification of specific (solvable) problems in Sofia, which would benefit from the I-MaP project and whose solutions will in turn benefit the other EU regions, municipalities, academic institutions and international teams participating in I-MaP. Formulating the tasks that will be addressed during the next day of the round table.

16.50: Final remarks, summary of the first day of the round table.

17.10: End of the session.

(optional: if the weather is fine)  A brief stroll around Vitosha Mountain and dinner at Chichovtsi Restaurant in Dragalevtsi (5 Tsar Ivan Aleksandar Sq., Dragalevtsi, Sofia).

NB! Meals are not covered by the project budget and must be paid for by individual participants. Therefore, they are optional.


Location: Seminar Hall in the Institute of Law at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (4 Serdika Str., ground floor)

9.00: Marie Jégu and Petar Kanev outline the tasks for the day and the event procedures.

9.10: Dragomir Konstantinov (Zelenika Foundation) and Maria Maltseva (Sofia – Green Capital” Initiative Committee and City Group) briefly present their experience, activities and initiatives and respond to questions from the audience.

9.40: Lilia Encheva-HristovaPublic Ombudsman of the Sofia Municipality – purpose of the interaction between the Sofia Municipality and civil initiatives.

9.50: Marie Jégu and Silke Steinberg present the academic and scientific aspects of the I-MaP project, its academic partners, the interdisciplinary methodology and approach of the team, in compliance with the goal of developing sustainable complex systems through the cooperation (synergy) of humanitarian and social sciences and technological innovations.

10.10: Prof. DSc Rumyana Stoilova (Director of the Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) – potential of the Study of Societies and Knowledge at BAS to contribute to the long-term goals of I-MaP.

Additional reading:

10.25: Assoc. Prof. Georgi Georgiev (head of the Department of Architecture at New Bulgarian University) – mobility, urban planning and sustainable development of the urban environment: how academic and educational institutions can contribute to their planning.

10.40: Coffee break.

10.50: Angel Burov and Vasil Madzhirski (Union of Urban Planners in Bulgaria) – challenges in the implementation of the currently developed Plan for Sustainable Urban Mobility in Sofia and in general.

11.10: Martin Zaimov – the broad meaning of the notion of “design”: from the first mobility plan of Sofia through the establishment of the Bulgarian Electric Vehicles Association to the GENERATOR initiative.

11.30: Brainstorm.

12.15: Announcing the results of the brainstorm.

12.30: Lunch break.

12.40: (optional) Lunch at the restaurant of the Archives State Agency (5 Moskovska Str.)

14.20: Afternoon session. Brainstorm and working in groups.

14.50: Announcing the results of the brainstorm.

15.00: Borislav Sandov (co-chair of Zelenite (the Greens) Political Party) – problems and perspectives of green urban policies in Bulgaria.

15.20: Brainstorm: identifying problems in Sofia that can be integrated into the I-MaP tasks.

15.50: Results of the discussion – looking for common ground and consensus.

16.00: Coffee break.

16.10: Ivan Velkov – the Sofia Municipal Council and the issues of sustainable urban mobility.

16.30: Lyubomir Georgiev (Sofproect OGP (Master Plan of Sofia Municipality) presents the activities of the organization and the challenges it faces.

16.50: Final summary – formulating a common position.

17.30: End of the session.

17.30: (optional) A stroll around the center of Sofia, dinner in Sun Moon restaurant (39 6-i Septemvri Str.)


Location: Seminar Hall in the Institute of Law at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (4 Serdika Str., ground floor)

9.10: Kaloyan Karamitov (Vision for Sofia) – summary of the organization’s activities followed by questions and answers.

9.20: Gergin Borisov (Spasi Sofia (Save Sofia), a Bulgarian watchdog organisation) – summary of the organization’s activities followed by questions and answers.

9.40: Coffee break.

9.50: Final discussion and summary of the results from the round table.

10.30: Final remarks, conclusions from the round table, announcing the next steps and events under the I-MaP project in Bulgaria.

10.50: (optional) Visit to the Museum of Sofia, the Saint George Rotunda and the Saint Sofia Church.

13.15: (optional) Lunch in Sterling Club 2 (50 Dunav Str.).

14.30: Visiting key trouble spots of mobility in Sofia: travel by the city underground and visiting the suburbs. Meeting point of departure: the subway of St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University.

20.00: (optional) Dinner in Bagri Restaurant (10 Dobrudzha Str.).

The round table and the workshops in Sofia are supported by:

The Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

1-cropped-issk-head.jpg (1340×330) - Google Chrome 12.4.2018 г. 132224

Place for Future Educational Network



I-MaP: Intermodal Mobility Management Plan is an international, interdisciplinary, multi-stage joint project proposal, initiated by FIAP Institute for Innovative and Preventive Job Design (Germany) in cooperation with Shtastlivetsa Sofia Civic Association (Bulgaria), EDUcentrum (Czech Republic), together with associated institutions such as Laboratory Psy-DREPI (University of Burgundy, France), Réseau Recherche Innovation Transition, MSH (University of Burgundy, France), Wuppertal Institute, FH Münster University (Germany), New Bulgarian University, the Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Bulgaria), and sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The first stage of the I-MaP project entitled Crowd InSustainable mobility in urban areas through Crowd Intelligence Building European R&D structural partnerships for the development of “participative innovation structures” for sustainable mobility in local areas, aims to create international interdisciplinary teams which will implement the project proposal.

Its official website is It is briefly presented in this flyer:

1-Заснемане на цял екран 12.4.2018 г. 132754

1-Заснемане на цял екран 12.4.2018 г. 132938

The project objectives are:

  • Setting of a sustainable consortium (academic and industry-based), preparation of several joint project proposals
  • Development of innovative technologies and scenarios of services to implement sustainable mobility behaviour in urban areas
  • Strengthening user motivation through participation and collaboration
  • Integration of heterogeneous user groups in the target regions to generate innovative solutions
  • Organisation of a sustainable structure for the transcultural exchange of knowledge
  • Exploration and network building
  • Definition of needs and collection of ideas for Sofia and Prague
  • Initiation of the cooperation in Sofia and Prague
  • Integration of partners in the field in Germany and in France
  • Organisation of innovation workshops in the two target cities: Sofia and Prague
  • Initiation of a European cooperation in the field of sustainable mobility

2 thoughts on “PROGRAM OF THE ROUND TABLE “Sofia 2020: Urban Mobility from the Past or from the Future?” 16-18 April 2018 – Crowd-In Project

  1. Prof. Lucia Ilieva

    We are interested to collaborate in this project, because our NGO CSDCS (Club “Sustainable development of Civil Society”) is appointed by the EC as a National Coordinator on Mobility for Bulgaria and a SUMP Focal point. We implement several H2020 and INTERREG projects on mobility and urban planning. Please see at our website our current CIVITAS projects related to the Urban mobility. We translated and published the EU SUMP Guidelines in Bulgarian and I will bring some printed copies to the meeting in Sofia.

    1. Кал

      Glad to meet you and thank you for your interest!

      May I ask you to post direct links to your relevant Urban Mobility projects? I had difficulty finding my way around your website.

      We’re looking forward to meeting you in person.


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