3 thoughts on “(Bulgarian) ПРОГРАМА НА КРЪГЛА МАСА “София 2020: Градска мобилност от бъдещето или от миналото?” 16-18 април 2018 г. – Crowd-In Project

  1. Prof. Lucia Ilieva

    We are interested to collaborate in this project, because our NGO CSDCS (Club « Sustainable development of Civil Society ») is appointed by the EC as a National Coordinator on Mobility for Bulgaria and a SUMP Focal point. We implement several H2020 and INTERREG projects on mobility and urban planning. Please see at our website our current CIVITAS projects related to the Urban mobility. We translated and published the EU SUMP Guidelines in Bulgarian and I will bring some printed copies to the meeting in Sofia.

    1. Кал

      Glad to meet you and thank you for your interest!

      May I ask you to post direct links to your relevant Urban Mobility projects? I had difficulty finding my way around your website.

      We’re looking forward to meeting you in person.

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