- Important documents

important documents
In these pages you will find information on important documents for the green movement – first, this is one of the most important documents of our environmental rights as citizens of Europe and the world and that you should know are:
- “Our Common Future”: The report of the Brundtland Commission of the United Nations since 1987, when a
Gru Harlem Bundtland
first sustainable development as a priority for the future of humanity on the planet – see the report HERE Brundtland
- More about Brundtland report HERE
- UN Aarhus Convention, which entitles every citizen to have access to any information relating to the environment, the right to a fair trial, guaranteed citizenship to all cases which can be defined as environmental – LOOK HERE Aarhus
- Even the Aarhus HERE
- Grazhdnaski … and our rights as citizens of the European Union, which is better to be aware of – SEE OUR EUROPEAN CIVIL RIGHTS HERE
- More about our European civil rights HERE
- Choose Green Paper


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