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Civil society: The term “civil society” has been used for the first time by Aristotle. In its original context it had been directly related to the government of the polis of Athens…

Types of democratic practices: …

Sustainable development: The term has been introduced by the UN. Its translation in Bulgarian (“устойчиво развитие”) is not absolutely accurate, because it is a bit ambiguous and unclear. (In our forum, we are trying – together – to come up with a more accurate translation.) In this case, sustainability implies a long-term development that improves over time; one that holds a promise not only for the present time, but especially for the near and far future… Sustainable development is a type of development that has a future…

Forum process: Even in the dawn of mankind, people came together to discuss how to regulate their activities. Meeting and talking to other people has been a necessity and a priceless social activity over the years, transcending national boundaries and religious beliefs. Given a modern structure, certain traditional forms could become strong and effective communication tools. The forum is one of the methods that can be used for structuring a discussion. Its democratic nature enhances the participation process: the forum happens in front of people’s eyes and is open to everyone; it presents information transparently, makes sure that all points of view are considered equally, and guarantees the visibility of the results.

Main aim of the forum process: Achieving better communication between the interested parties and improving the quality of life as a whole. In terms of political science, this can also be seen as improving government.

Soon in the GLOSSARY:

Ecology: the ambiguousness of the word oikos in Ancient Greek very accurately expresses the meaning we put into the word ecology in our everyday life. Oikos – where our “eco” comes from – means home, house, cosmos, world, universe – the universe is our common home. Logos is an even more ambiguous word – although we often use it for science and knowledge, it means word, state, fire (and in a figurative sense, a distinct dynamic of interconnections ) …

In this sense, Ecology, both as a science and social movement, is always connected with:

- integration

- structure

- synergy

What is permaculture?

What is energy and can we speak of energy of the future?

The glossary of Place for Future that we are constructing will give you answers as well as supply questions like:

- Why it is necessary to bring back the authentic meaning of words and terms that we use every day?

- Are there non-relative values?

And many others….

To be continued.

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