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Persons – Petar Kanev

dr. Petar Kanev – main coordinator for the  “Place for Future” Interdisciplinary Education Network

Civic activity: member of the Board of Shtastlivetsa Sofia Civic Association

Civic experience: coalition “Zero Waste” , Coalition “For the Nature”

Occupation: assistant professor in Informing and Communications Department at the University of Library Studies and Information Techologies

research fellow in Anthropological Studies Department at the Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge, Bulgarian Academy of Science

Academic qualifications: Master of Cultural Studies (Sofia University, 1999), Doctor of Philosophy (Department of Anthropology and Religious Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Science)

Professional and non-professional experience: Club for Literature and Philosophy “IDIOT” (1995-2003); member of National Memory Project at the “Ivan Hadjiiski” Institute for Social Values and Structures (1999 – 2004), leader of project “Bulgarian Orthodox Priests and Parishes in the Context of the Evolution of of Civil Society in Southeastern Europe, member of the FOROST Bavarian Association of Scientists, member of the Inernational Whitehead Methaphysical Society

” (2003-2005); leader of the Initiative Committee for Cleanness and Legality’s project “Civic Advocacy at the Sofia Municipality Council for Solving the Waste Management Crisis in Sofia”; participant in project “Does a Bulgarian Ethnic Model Exist?” under the Fund for Scientific Research at the Ministry of Education and Science (2006-2010), part-time lecturer at the Theory and History of Culture Department at the Kliment Ohridski Sofia University

Two words: more light

Contact: petardkanev@gmail.com, 0988884303

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